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Award Tickets

1: How do I book an award flight?

At the moment members can only book their flights by contacting JLC agents. You will be required to fill in an award and nomination request form and submit it to any Jetlink Express office. You are also requested to pay the requisite taxes on time i.e. 24hrs before your flight time.


2: Can I nominate my family and friends to travel on my accrued Jetsmiles?

Yes. You will however be required to fill in the personal and flight details of your nominees on the award and nomination request form and foot the cost of taxes for every ticket.


3: If I want to cancel my award ticket, will I get my Jetsmiles back into my account?

The exchanged/redeemed Jetsmiles will be credited back to your account if JLC is notified early about the cancellation. If however the cancellation wasn't done within the stipulated timelines (refer to the terms and conditions) you will be charged a cancellation fee to be taken out of the taxes paid for the ticket. If no communication is received and the member is a "no show" the member will forfeit all the redeemed Jetsmiles.


4: Can I earn Jetsmiles on an award ticket?

No. You can only earn Jetsmiles on a full fare ticket.





1: What is the purpose of a temporary card?

Your temporary card has a membership number that you can use to accrue jetsmiles whenever you travel with us. Once your application has been processed a permanent card will be sent to your preferred collection point as indicated in your membership application.


2: What should I do if I lose my membership card?

Please contact JLC immediately to report the loss. A replacement card will be sent to you after filling in a lost card form and paying a processing fee of KSH250 or USD3.


3: What should I do if I change my correspondence address?

Please fill in a data correction form with the right address. You should also notify JLC agents of the changes.





1: How many Jetsmiles do I need to make an award ticket redemption?

The number varies depending on the destination and origin of the flight. To get the right number of jetsmiles for your flight redemption, contact JLC agents. You can also consult the JLC Miles Chart for more information.


2: What's the value of a Jetsmile at Nakumatt Holdings?

I Jetsmile is valued at 50Cents at Nakumatt hence for example you need 1000 Jetsmiles to make a Shs500 purchase at Nakumatt.


3: Why have Jetsmiles due to me not been credited to my account?

This may have occurred due to an error in the accrual process. Please fill in a mileage claims form, attach your relevant boarding pass and e-ticket printout and present it to a Jetlink Express office. If the claim is valid the Jetsmiles will be credited to your account within 2 weeks.


4: Do Jetsmiles expire?

Yes. If a member doesn't accrue or redeem Jetsmiles in an extended period of time (consult the terms and conditions) the members Jetsmiles will expire and will be deleted from the members account.


5: Can I make a mileage claim for flights taken before joining JLC?

No. You can only accrue Jetsmiles after your application is approved and you become a member of JLC.